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Pastor's Testimony


Rev. Ebenezer Dharmendra

I am from part of Tamil Nadu, (Tuticorin District, Srivaikuntam). I was born in a small village as an elder son of my parents after a long waiting of 10 years, who do not know Christ. Therefore I was grown up edifying my religion. At my mother’s command, every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday I used to go to temple to perform all the rituals. My mother exhorts to follow these practices for my religious edification. But physically I went through illness and several diseases causing weakness. Jaundice affected me every year so I was forced to admit in Hospital for many days.



“Reaching the unreached  people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, empowering and equipping them to become faithful leaders in reaching the world for Christ" - Ezekiel 38:7


Mission: “Establish Churches to reach the Nation” - Acts 1:8



Audio Released on Sun 7th July 13